Butoh in Installation “threads in the unbound Kimono”

firstEMshowJudy Shintani’s Kimono design is sharp and intense.
The kind of intensity which creates an artist’s trance.
Judy’s work and it’s use of space inspires a timelessness, where
anything can happen.

Three butoh dancers, like crystal dolls enter. They are unleashed upon
the stage while Mark Deutsch’s deep Bazantar sound seems to polish the
crystal of the dancer’s bodies. [or….”with Mark Deutsch’s deep Bazantar sound seeming to polish…]

In their bodies light and shadow play as the cross each other,
forgotten memories take over their bodies. We can see the sensations
taking over, and they come alive in the space right before us,
no longer ghosts but beings, present with us and having watched and
felt their journey, we also find ourselves beginning to live.